Good Heat from a Bad Arrow
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small product photo

Organic Cotton Tee


1lb. Dried
Organic Cerano's

Not as hot as the Habanero but still packs a punch.


1lb. Dried
Organic Habanero's

One of the hottest peppers
known to man


Hand Carved
Chili Spoon

Our hand carved chile spoon will be the envy of your friends. Be the first on your block with your own Bad Arrow Spoon. Customization available.
$16 each


Bad Arrow
Classic Mix

Our classic blend of mild peppers will add a little flare to your chile. A deliciously balanced heat will leave you warm all over.
$12 (3 servings)

chili mix

International Mix

Made with peppers from Hungary, India, Mexico and a few other goodies from around the globe. Everyone can enjoy this mild mix.
$14 (3 servings)


Bad Arrow Apparel

1lb. Dried Organic
Thai Mini's

This tiny titan will bring a tear to your eye.


12 Months of Mixes!
Send our most popular mixes as the gift that keeps giving. The lucky recipient will get a new mix with a killer recipe every month.


Bad Arrow Mace Mix

Hottest mix on the market. GUARANTEED! Made from Habanero's, Cerano's and a few other surprises.
$14 (3 servings)

100% Organic
Chile Mix

Made from all organic herbs and peppers. This mix is a nice mild healthy heat. Use as a chile mix or add to a favorite dish for extra flavor. Great with tofu.
$16 (3 servings)